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Detailed information on services I provide



Basic Lesson Rundown:



Lessons begin with stretching, vocal warm ups, scales, and extensive breath work, as well as resolving any tensions that may be hindering your vocal production. I then through collaboration with the student, work on beginning repertoire that is suited for the voice, and challenging at the same time.


I write a review of every lesson, with notated warm-ups and a list of "To Do's" for the week so that the student will have a structured practice week. I provide music, and if needed recordings of the pieces so that the student can take the materials back to their homes and practice them on their own.  I have over 30 vocal exercises that I have recorded that I provide for the student after the first introductory lesson. 


In that first email I will send detailed practice info on which exercises to practice, and a vocal hygiene handout on how to best take care of your voice.


I track the range of the voice, and usually within a month it will have improved by at least 4 notes either higher or lower. 


It is important to note that learning voice is a highly individualized journey, each person will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, as a teacher it is my job to asses this in a person and craft a curriculum, and style that will fit those individual needs.


There is no feeling in the world than the freedom and beauty of singing, it is a joy to hear in my students, and very fulfilling to teach this kind of wonderfully positive experience to people of all ages!



Singing/Auditioning and Resume Coach: 



I am adept at navigating local opportunities for students in the Theater world. I have had students perform at 5th avenue and Village Theater, receive broadway auditions, participate in “Rising Star”at 5th Avenue, perform for Seattle Childrens Theater, Nashville Opera, Nashville Rep, Young Actors Institute, Seattle Rep, American Idol, The Voice, perform at McCaw Hall, receive leads at their school musicals, win multiple pageants, as well as acting opportunities in movies and modeling.  I have also had students prepare for international and national tours as solo artists.  


I am an active performer as well and had to navigate through the college system as well as the theater and opera system and can provide much guidance to those interested with resume, repertoire and audition coaching. 



Theory/Song Writing techniques: 



For some students learning music is just as much a part of the lesson as learning to sing. I love teaching people of all ages how to read music, so that the student can be an independent teacher for themselves and learn music on their own at home, this I think is very important in order to improve skills for singing.  The faster the student can learn music, the more time can be spent working on technique and improving the sound of the voice. 


I graduated from a prestigious Conservatory and had to take very advanced theory classes in order to receive my degree. I also played flute and oboe in orchestra for 10 years, and taught myself how to play piano. I have assisted some of my students interested in writing their own music on chord progressions, and have offered my musical expertise on their compositions. 


There is nothing like being involved in the creative process of composing and I love supporting my students that decide to explore this art form. 


Vocal Feminization:


I have a studio where I work closely with the transgender community as a vocal coach to feminize my clients voices transitioning from male to female. It is a wonderful process and anyone interested please do contact me!


I teach language diction classes. I am fluent in IPA (international phonetics alphabet) in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish  (all of which I have formally studied at a collegiate level and performed in professionally).   I can help with accent reduction in English or pronunciation in any of the above languages. 



Mission Statement:



I am devoted to healthy singing, and unlocking your true timbre and voice with extensive breath, and vowel work.  You will get the opportunity to work on music you feel passionate about, and perform it for other members of the studio. I can also help in guiding students along the right path of pursuing this art form at a collegiate level.


One of the most rewarding aspects of being a voice teacher is taking a student who feels anxious about singing, and giving them tools and confidence to perform in front of others!  


A Little About Me: 



I received my B.A. in vocal performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I am a classically trained singer, however I enjoy all genre’s of music and firmly believe having a classical base in a singing technique will enrich any style of music you wish to work toward. I am devoted to healthy singing, and unlocking your true timbre and voice with extensive breath, and vowel work. As a graduate from a highly competitive music institution I can help in guiding students along the right path of pursuing music at a collegiate level





30 Minutes = $45


45 Minutes = $60


60 Minutes = $75


I accept personal checks, cash, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and CashApp.



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